Red Cross launch project to tackle elderly abuse


THE Red Cross Community of Madrid has launched a new humanitarian project aimed at preventing elderly abuse and social problems suffered by the older society.

Titled ‘Good Treatment of the Elderly: Promotion of appropriate treatment and protection against abuse’, the project aims to promote a positive framework for coexistence with older people as well as prevent, protect and support those who have suffered from, or could suffer from, any type of ill-treatment.

The Red Cross is carrying out support, training and awareness-raising activities, networking and coordinating with other social organisations and the authorities.

Since the start of the year the Red Cross in Madrid has already contacted 1,135 people over 65,  vulnerable to abuse, through a telephone campaign offering them safety and prevention advice. The next steps of the initiative will focus on  sensitisation and information sessions given by the Spanish Red Cross, National Police and Guardia Civil to address all content related to the issue of violence against the elderly.

The Red Cross said the  implementation of the project has been possible thanks to the collaboration agreement established with the Secretary of State for Security.

Every year, the Spanish Red Cross serves more than 15,000 elderly people throughout the Madrid Region, offering them help, support and advice against loneliness and healthy living.

Elderly abuse is not just a national issue. It is a social  problem that affects the health and human rights of millions of older people around the world. According to the UN, the global population of people aged 60 and over will more than double, from 542 million in 1995 to around 1.2 billion in 2025. It is estimated that between 4-6 per cent of older people from all over the world have suffered some form of abuse and mistreatment.


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