Fortune taped to a man´s waist causes bomb scare

Municipal Police Madrid
The suspect being detained

Part of Madrid was cordoned off after police spotted a man with an apparent explosive belt around his waist which was actually €185,000 in cash.

The appearance of a drunken man wandering around the Salamanca neighbourhood in Madrid alerted passing police officers to his presence.

After spotting him, it was thought that bundles strapped around his waist, could possibly contain explosive material.


The man was stopped and the area was cordoned off whilst a specialist team responsible for bomb deactivation, TEDAX, was called in.

After searching the man no explosive material or wiring was found however on inspection each packet contained €6,000 in cash and the total amount of money being carried was €185,000.

The man was therefore detained for the movement of money totalling more than €100,000 without authorisation, an offense in Spain.  




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