Teacher accused of spanking female students in Granada


A COVER teacher from Granada faces four years in prison after smacking two female students on the bottom.

Identified only by the initials JM, the man was accused of touching the girls after they disrupted his lesson with a male classmate. At trial he did not deny the allegations, claiming that “it was just a typical pat that you give to a child when they commit mischief.”

The prosecution has recommended he be charged with two minor offences, requesting a sentence of 40 days imprisonment, a six month restraining order and compensation of €200 to each child.

The girls, aged 13 and 14 at the time of the incident, claimed that he slapped and groped them, although they did not mention the latter prior to the trial. The young boy said that when he asked if he was to receive the same punishment, the accused replied “No, you’re a boy.”

Faced with the new details, the mother of one of the girls has demanded that the teacher be sentenced to four years imprisonment and should pay €5,000 to her daughter in damages.

In a final statement from the prosecutor, he said that the behaviour was “inappropriate and improper of a teacher,” but has confessed doubts that the incident was severe enough to be classified as sexual assault.

The trial continues.  


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