One million child slaves every year

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Child slavery and abuse

ONE of the sometimes overlooked results of the mass migration of refugees searching for a better life in Europe is the proliferation of slavery.

Those anxious to escape a world of fear and poverty are often vulnerable and can be manipulated by their apparent saviours into becoming chattels used to work in agriculture, construction and the sex industry.

The United Nations and government authorities around the world do their best to try to combat these practises and this work is assisted by global companies such as the world’s largest international insurance intermediary the Alliance Group International Ltd.

That company has set up Alliance Aid International a worldwide charity dedicated to the eradication of child slavery as over one million children are believed to be taken into slavery every year.

Although, in many ways this is a problem of countries which are suffering from large, often undereducated populations with poor finances, it is not confined to one particular area, with slaves coming from Africa, the Middle East, parts of Asia  and even Europe.

One of the main markets for these slaves, particularly in the sex industry, is Europe although many wealthy countries are sadly havens for these poorly protected and prematurely aged children.

Whilst it is relatively easy to be opposed to slavery, it becomes far more difficult to do anything about it although here in Spain, both the Guardia Civil and National Police take the matter very seriously and publicise the work that they do to release children in particular from enforced servitude.

Slavery has existed for thousands of years and as long as there are unscrupulous people ready to make money from the misery of others, it will continue but with today’s modern technology and the ability of large companies to set up charitable organisations such as Alliance International Aid it is possible to move things forward.

Working closely together, like minded organisations use a three pronged approach to try to control the slave masters – Investigation, Interruption and Education.

It sounds simple but with huge amounts of money involved and master criminals keeping to the background, it is necessary to find out as much as possible about those enslaving children and adults so that their crimes can be revealed.

The next step is for the authorities to intervene and have the slaves released and equally importantly, looked after whilst employers must be educated to become aware of the possibility that those they employ are not willing servants.


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