Malaga brothers charged with murder


THE Provincial Court of Malaga has charged two brothers accused of killing an old man in Antequera with homicide.

After the two accused were threatened and allegedly assaulted in Cuevas Bajas, in Malaga, they filed a report with the police detailing several other aggravators alongside the deceased. However days later, the brothers decided to take the law into their own hands, according to police sources.

They had repaired a broken shotgun, previously stolen from Malaga, and preceded to the Las Hazuelas farmhouse where the victim had worked and lived. The deceased had refused them entry after they had jumped the fence and approached his front door with the firearm.

The brothers then knocked down the front door, and once inside, wounded the victim ensure he was unable to get away. The same brother who initially used the shotgun then shot the man another two times, and used the butt of the gun to beat him until it broke. The other accused, who did not partake in the violence, did nothing to restrain his brother.

The victim, who had sustained more than 30 injuries, died later as a result of brain trauma.

The brother who carried out the assault has been charged with homicide, carrying a 15 and a half year sentence in prison. The other has been convicted as an accessory to murder, and has been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.

The court has ordered both brothers to pay €210,000 to the family of the deceased. 


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