14-year-old girl sold for €5,000 and a van


THE Guardia Civil has detained the parents of a 14-year-old girl and two other people on alleged human trafficking charges.

On April 19 the Guardia Civil began an investigation into the disappearance of the Romanian national in the town of Pedrera, Sevilla. After taking witness statements, investigators suspected that the girl could have been sold by her own parents to a neighbour in Huelva in exchange for a vehicle and small lump sum.

The child was recently located by the police in Obrezje, Slovenia, where she was going to Romania with an adult man, initialled VM, whose father had allegedly bought the girl in Huelva. After emergency services rescued the victim, she was taken to hospital to carry out relevant medical examinations.

Following the results of the tests, the Guardia Civil issued a European arrest warrant for VM. He was later detained and charged with alleged trafficking offenses and sexual child abuse, and has been admitted to prison without bail.

The parents have also been arrested.


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