Bridge restoration for Orihuela

The footbridge in Playa de la Glea

COASTAL SERVICE and beaches councillor, Luisa Bone, has announced that the footbridge on Playa de la Glea, Orihuela, will undergo extensive maintenance over the coming weeks.

The official explained that the bridge had been subjected to torrential rain and strong waves during major storms off the coast of Orihuela early this year, weakening its foundations.

After commissioning an expert assessment of the damages caused, a total of €35,991 was budgeted in order to restore the flood-protection wall and foundation supporting the structure.

Bone stated that she had wanted to begin work on the bridge earlier, but due to the walkway being located in a public maritime area, permission from the coastal authorities was needed before work could commence.

The essential work on both structures has now begun, and is expected to be completed within a month. 


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