Spain sends help as at least 60 die in Portugal forest fires

PORTUGAL: Forest fires leave 25 dead

SIX HUNDRED firefighters are battling a number of forest fires that have left at least 60 confirmed dead  in the central Pedrogao Grande area of Portugal.

Many of the victims were trapped in their cars as the blaze spread out of control.

About 20 people have been injured, 14 of them seriously and six firefighters are among those injured


Spain has sent two water-dropping  planes to help their neighbour control the wild fires..

Government official Jorge Gomes said 16 people died in their cars between the towns of Figueiro dos Vinhos and Castanheira de Pera and three people died from smoke inhalation in Figueiro dos Vinhos.

Spain remains on a high level of alert for wildfires as the heat wave continues with temperatures reaching 40C.


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