Spaniard detained for 40 days in US over holiday in Syria

US President Donald Trump

A 32-YEAR OLD architect has become one of the latest victims of US President Donald Trump’s rigorous entry policy.

Leandro Perez Cadarso visited Syria in 2011 with his family in an effort to visit ancient monuments before the Daesh had destroyed them. After living in Mexico for four years, Cadarso was arrested as he tried to cross the border into the United States.

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“I’ve been through some frightening moments,” he said. “I didn’t understand what was going on. I hadn’t done anything wrong. Nobody told me anything. I thought that some criminal had the same name as me, or someone on the flight had put drugs in my backpack,” he added.

Without explanation, he was handcuffed and moved to Calexico prison, which houses over 700 prisoners, where he awaited deportation.

He claims that at no point was he asked about his holiday to Syria, and has been notified that he will not be able to return to the US for a minimum of five years. 


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