Three out of ten Spaniards living in poverty


UNICEF, defender of children’s rights, has announced that three in ten children in Spain are currently living in relative poverty.

Comparing studies across 190 countries and territories for 70 years, the organisation has issued a global press release named Report Card 14.

“Report Card 14 is a wake-up-call that shows progress in high-income countries does not benefit all children,” said Sarah Cook, Director of UNICEF division Innocenti.


“Higher incomes do not automatically lead to improved outcomes for all children, and may indeed deepen inequalities. Governments in all countries have a responsibility to take action to ensure the widening gaps are reduced and progress is made to reach the Sustainable Development Goals for all children.”

In Spain 30.5 per cent of children are living in relative poverty. An individual is considered to be living in relative poverty when their household income is below 60 per cent of the national average income.

UNICEF currently rank Spain at 21 of the 41 economically developed countries for child welfare.


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