Bluefin Tuna season opens on Friday in Gibraltar

CSIRO Wikimedia
Bringing in a Bluefin for tagging purposes

THE open season for recreational fishing for Bluefin tuna in Gibraltar waters starts on Friday (June 16) until October 14 or when the weight limit is reached.

A license will be required in order to fish for Bluefin tuna and certain requirements will be required to be respected by all fishermen who should be aware that as soon as the total catch reaches 13 tons that the season will be closed.

A dedicated office and landing point has created within the North Mole (No. 1 Jetty) and anglers are required to report and weigh catches at the landing point where vessels will be able to dock.

The landing point will be manned from 9am to 2.30pm from Monday to Saturday and any catches landed out of hours must also be reported and weighed

Anglers are reminded that according to law the minimum size of Bluefin tuna that can be caught is 30 kilos with a length of 115mm.

Vessels are required to maintain a minimum distance of 60 metres from any dolphin or whale whilst navigating in BGTW.

The Cetacean Protocol also establishes a 500 metre radius from the animals within which vessels must travel at a constant speed of no more than 4 knots or no greater than the slowest animal in the group.


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