Man arrested for trying to kill his dog in Fuengirola

National Police
The dog that was attacked by his owner, in the safe hands of the police

A MAN has been arrested for trying to kill his dog in Fuengirola.

Police were called out to the Plaza de la Constitucion after reports came in of a man strangling his dog in the middle of the square.

When they arrived the 45-year-old could be seen chasing his terrified mutt but when he saw the authorities approaching, he began to hurl insults and attempted to punch one of the officers.

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Upon arresting him, the man screamed “the dog is mine and I can kill it because it’s mine.”

Reports say he initially tried to strangle his dog using his lead and when that was unsuccessful, he tried to end the canine’s life with his hands. 

The animal was then rescued by police and transferred to the municipal animal health centre.

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