Autistic child left screaming on a balcony for two hours in Malaga

Norberto Nieto receiving €3.6m grant

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into a facility for autistic children in Malaga, after a child was seen trapped on a balcony.

After two videos were posted on Facebook showing an autistic child screaming, the Andalucian Government has opened a full-scale inquiry. In both recordings, the minor appears to have been neglected on a balcony with no access to the interior.

According to the man who had posted one of the videos the child had been trapped outside for two hours, but could have been left unattended for up to five.  

“I called the police, but no one showed up,” he recalled.

The foundation, which opened in July 2015, is part of a government-led ‘City of Autism’ initiative. The €3.6m project aims to provide care for people suffering from an autistic spectrum disorder.

The manager of the facility, Norberto Nieto, has declined to speak on the matter.

“We are sending the documentation to the corresponding places,” he said. “At this moment we will not make an official statement until the facts have been gathered.”

Social Services have begun their investigation in the Southern Autism Foundation, but have stipulated it could take several days to complete.

Here is the footage of the child screaming on one of the balconies: 


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