Paedophile ring shutdown in Alicante


A YOUNG MAN has been arrested in Elche, Alicante, after National Police uncovered a child pornography ring in a new crackdown on crimes against minors.

The suspect, who is in his late twenties and living with his parents, has been arrested for the possession of extremely illicit material. After police seized his hard drive and external storage, multiple videos and images were found depicting adult men engaging in sex with minors and newborns, with the inclusion of graphic violence and physical abuse.

Detectives in Madrid, working in partnership with the Technological Protection of Minors squad, uncovered a paedophile chat group online. Investigators then applied to a court in Madrid for permission to obtain IP addresses from a telecommunications company. After approval was granted, they were able to identify two of the users.

The second suspect remains free of charge after a search of his home and devices failed to reveal evidence to substantiate the claim.

However the arrested individual now faces five to nine years imprisonment for the possession and distribution of child pornography. 


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