Drunken youths go on a rampage in Alicante

A man stands next to a burning mattress

RESIDENTS of the Old Quarter, Alicante, are up in arms in the wake of a spate of incidents involving drunken teenagers.

Inhabitants of calle San Agustin and calle Taloedo have become increasingly unhappy with the weekend abuse of their neighbourhood. Boozed-up youths, after a heavy night of partying in Alicante´s historic centre last Saturday, intentionally set a mattress alight against a residential building in the area.

Daniel Guerrero, one of the residents affected by the fire, stated that “there is no control in our area.”

“Partygoers come to have fun and to do what they want by any means necessary, their final act being to burn a mattress”

He revealed that the elderly have become frightened to leave their homes following the arson attack, with public safety now at risk.

Pedro Picazo, owner of a hotel in the area, ironically states: “The situation is burning. Hordes of drunken little kids come kicking at doors and urinate all over the street.” He believes progress will be made once the council crackdown on underage alcohol sales in the area.

Some residents, unable to wait for the councils support, have begun leaving containers in front of their doors so that the mob of youths can urinate in them as opposed to using the street.

Residents of the effected building, 13 calle San Agustin, remain ´grateful´ that only the wiring in their flats has been damaged as a result of the attack. 


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