Recycle bin arsonist arrested in Murcia


POLICE in Murcia have arrested a 19-year-old man alleged to be the infamous arsonist of recycling bins across the city.

In recent months, over 55 bins in Santa Maria de Gracia and Vista Alegre have been reduced to ashes and on Sunday June 4, security cameras caught the firestarter in the act.

At 4.15am on calle Maria Zambrano, the young man was videoed opening a recycling bin and throwing something inside.


He then made his way towards avenida Principe de Asturias and did the same again, before making a run for it.

Two officers attended each scene but could not prevent the first bin from burning – it also setting light to the two bins next to it. Firefighters were called.

Officers arrived at the second bin in the nick of time and prevented it from burning, removing the device the arsonist had thrown inside.

Several Policia Local units gave chase to the arsonist, who was caught on the corner of calle Miguel de Cervantes and calle Don Quijote.

He was arrested and taken to San Andres District Commissary.

The arsonist, born and raised in Murcia, is said by the Department of Development to have caused some €44,000 worth of damage.

A student in the city of Cartagena, he is also believed to be behind the burning of recycling bins near the university.


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