Holy end of days Batman as actor Adam West dies

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Adam West at the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

THE most famous Batman from the 1960s, Adam West has died after a short fight with cancer aged 88.

He came to prominence playing Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne in the somewhat camp TV series which attracted guest villains played by stars such as Eartha Kitt, Burgess Meredith, Vincent Price and Julie Newmar.

Fighting crime with his ‘boy wonder’ assistant Robin played by Burt Ward – who had over 350 ‘Holy’ observations, such as “Holy Astringent Plum-like Fruit” – every episode of the TV programme which had a real cult following was guaranteed to include a number of fights broken with cartoon balloons with descriptive words such as “Kapow,” “Bof” and “Bam” as punches were traded.

When the series finally came to an end, West found it difficult to obtain starring roles in films although he did appear in small parts in 50 feature films but found regular employment voicing Mayor Adam West in the huge hit cartoon series Family Guy from 2002.

According to the BBC, in a 2010 interview West said the Batman TV series had benefitted from very good writers.

“They saw the craziness, the comedy. You know, just as he’s about to put her in (jail), Batman says to Catwoman, ‘You give me curious stirrings in my utility belt.’ That’s funny stuff.”


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