Spanish hero’s body to be returned to Spain for burial

Fiona Govan @fifimadrid Twitter
Tribute to a fallen hero

THE Spanish government has announced that Ignacio Echeverría who died protecting a woman during the recent London attacks is to be honoured posthumously.

Hailing from Madrid, the Spanish banker who was involved in anti-money laundering activities on behalf of HSBC in London has been nick-named the “skateboard hero” as he went to the defence of a woman being attacked by one terrorist but was himself stabbed by other members of the terror gang.

There has been criticism of the time that it took for British authorities to identify him and it is reported that the Spanish Foreign Minister had to intervene so that the family could have access to the body which is due to be returned to Spain today by a Spanish military aircraft.


Residents of his hometown Las Rozas, a Madrid suburb stood outside the town hall waving skateboards as a mark of respect to the brave young man and his family will now proudly collect the Great Cross of the Order of Civil Merit in memory of his brave and selfless act.


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