Sevilla sadist jailed for 39 years


FRANCISCO SUAREZ, 46, has been sentenced to 39 years imprisonment for the unprecedented rape and murder of Sara Dominguez.

Dominguez, 31, arrived at Maria Luisa Park shortly before 9pm where she ingested a bottle of barbiturates. Later analysis from her internet history indicated that she had been experimenting using alcohol and pills simultaneously, but took precautions.

Suarez arrived at the park under the influence of alcohol and cocaine where he found her unconscious and proceeded to take advantage.

The accused, who had argued that the interaction was consented, had been previously reported for abusing his wife on seven separate occasions. In one of which, she testified that he had drugged her, then abused her and taken erotic photographs whilst she slept.

Investigators believe that the victim in Maria Luisa Park suffered similar abuses.

The prosecution pointed out that as the victim was unable to react to pain or resist the rape, the defendant decided to go further than before “fulfilling his most depraved sexual fantasies,” before using a blunt object to mutilate her.

The National Police´s Head of Homicide testified that Officers and Forensics had never seen such brutal injuries.

When finished Suarez moved the woman to a bench 40 meters away from the scene and left her to die.

The sentence passed includes 24 years imprisonment for murder, 15 more for sexual assault and a fine of €125,000 to be paid towards the family.


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