Drone used to spy on nude sunbathers in Mallorca

DRONES: Privacy fears rising over spy cameras.

SEVEN women, five of them in the nude, weren’t impressed when their tranquil afternoon on a private yacht was interrupted by the overhead buzzing of a remote control drone with a spy camera.

Furious at the intrusion, just off the waters of Portocolom, several women whipped out the mobile phones to record the drone.

Seeing that they had been caught in the act, the drone operators quickly retreated and the device disappeared.

They then spotted a gaggle of French playboys on a yacht not so far away and identified them as the culprits. Seeing that the jig was up, the men sailed over and invited their victims out for dinner at a plush restaurant.

But instead the ladies took their phone evidence to the Guardia Civil in Felanitx to make a formal complaint. The French tourists now face potential criminal charges.

The case comes amid increasing controversy over the private use of drones across Mallorca.

The remote control devices equipped with cameras can now be purchased fairly cheaply from China.

Drones are banned from flying over specific areas on the island, including private estates.


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