Drastic times call for drastic measures

THERESA MAY: Better late than never.

WELL well. I almost don’t know what to write this week (I can hear the squeals of delight from here!).

The reason being, that in the light of yet another terrorist atrocity, Ms May has finally echoed, if not all, certainly a number of the Leapy ‘rantings’ I’ve taken stick for over the years.

Shame they’ve come too late to save scores of precious lives.

Better late than never? Not, for the tragic victims.

Still at least her recent Downing Street statement showed that she, and hopefully the rest of her cabinet, are finally emerging from all the years of appeasing denial which allowed us to be drawn into this dangerous and horrific state of affairs in the first place.

What she failed to mention was, in the light of this new tough approach to Islamist terrorism (yes she actually admitted it folks; I wonder if the traitor Obama would have done the same!?) was to say exactly what these ‘new measures’ would include?

Well, apart from reiterating my suggestions of last week, ie, stopping provocative, hate inspired marches through the streets of towns that have become predominantly Islamic.

Banning public ‘religious rituals,’ such as selfflagellation and the ilk and outlawing the hated full Burka, I would also suggest; cancelling the passports of any ethnic young men travelling to Mid-East countries without thoroughly bona fide reason.

Interring and interrogating any suspected of returning from terrorist conflict areas. Banning streets being taken over for prayers, denying planning permission for any more Mosques and probably most controversial, but undoubtedly the most effective deterrent of all, deporting back to their country of origin, the entire family of all those who commit acts of terror.

Bit drastic? Well drastic times call for drastic measures.

If they save even one innocent person’s life, to my mind any action is worth the uproar of indignation that would no doubt issue from the ‘do gooders’ that still lurk among us in their towers of ivory and never-ending pacifistic and dangerous opinions.

Well, by the time you read this the first results should be coming in. Let’s hope that the week is a proverbial long one in politics and Ms May has managed to redeem herself from what, to my mind has been a pretty disastrous campaign.

Still the alternatives don’t even bear thinking about. Frankly the thought of Corbyn and the ilk of Diane Abbott preening on the steps of number 10 and ultimately sitting around the Brexit negotiating table, actually brings a shudder.

Likewise the idea of Nicola Sturgeon ‘propping up’ Labour on a ‘policy by policy’ basis, is even more terrifying.

Thanks for all your letters of support, particularly those of last week. They all mean a great deal, let’s hope a couple find their way to the letters page.

Have a good week, Make sure your X marks the spot of good sense and whatever you do.

Always Keep the Faith.

Love Leapy.

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  1. 99.4% of Brits did NOT vote for the DUP. So how come it’s getting involved in government? This is not Democracy. This is a demented Tory attack on Democracy!

    Britain is deeply divided – between young and old, town and country, north and south, rich and poor. The shabby idea of a deal with the backward looking DUP can only sow the seeds of discontent and division even further – against the wishes of a younger generation who voted for a greater sense of fairness offered by Labour. This was in direct opposition to an older generation who voted against immigration, against Europe – apparently FOR leaving the biggest free market in the world, and FOR the continuation of austerity! Well, humans invented money, so why not make it work for us instead of against us, eh?

    The time left for the older generation is limited. As we depart this world one by one, the young take over two by two. The simple truth of that statement is inescapable. It leads me to believe there is hope for the future – hope that a youthful desire for fairness, harmony and progress will ultimately replace the unfairness, bigotry and decline in society brought about by this generation.

    Change is inevitable. The status quo is not an option. The future is getting closer – in more ways than one. So is another election!

  2. By the time you read this the Hatred and bile of the tory supporting press has had its backside kicked Where she had a majority of 17 she now has a minority of 8 So she has resorted to a Terrorist supporting backwood looking DUP to try to remain in power, Leapy Should look to his own comments regarding The Labour party as the Comments by him were the same as the Mail .Express, Sun and Times To use one of Leapies Expressions “Keep the Faith” I have I have been a lifelong supporter of Labour

  3. Funny how terrorism isn’t an issue in Spain and yet we have regular public religious ritual displays, including self-flagellation. Semana Santa, anyone?


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