Theresa May won’t win election majority according to YouGov projections

Theresa May

LONDON (Reuters) – Prime Minister Theresa May is on track to win 305 seats in Britain’s parliament in an election on Thursday, 21 seats short of a 326-seat majority, according to a projection by polling company YouGov on Monday. 

May’s Conservatives had 330 seats when the snap election was called in April. 

On Saturday, YouGov said its model suggested the Conservatives were on course to win 308 seats.

The opposition Labour Party is likely to win 268 seats, YouGov’s model showed on Monday, up from 261 on Saturday.

Another model, produced by Lord Ashcroft Polls, last week predicted the Conservatives were on course for a majority.



 (Reporting by William Schomberg, editing by David Milliken)


  1. Absolute and utter nonsense. You Gov,,You Who ???. Labour have no chance of winning so many seats. This is a wrongly informed report !!!!. Theresa May will win a majority !!!!


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