Owners of killer dogs in Costa Blanca sued

Guardia Civil
KILLER DOGS: Were put down in January.

THE family of Jose Selles are taking legal action against the owners of the six dogs who killed him.

They were not entered on the Dangerous Animals Register and their owners had neither licences nor civil liability insurance for them, the family claimed.

The Boxer-American Staffordshire crosses set upon the frail 74-year-old as he pruned vines at his home in El Faldar, Pinoso last October.


He died later in hospital of shock and the severity of his wounds.

Selles’s family as well as neighbour who was bitten by the dogs on a previous occasion and the vet in charge of the animals immediately after the attacks have now made statements to an investigating judge in Novelda.

The attack was so ferocious that the dogs ripped away her father’s clothes, destroying his jacket and gloves, Jose’s daughter Maria Jose Selles told the Spanish media.

“The owners used to leave and we would have to ring them because the dogs were roaming free. They terrorised everyone in El Faldar,” she said at the time and confirmed it six months later.

At first the dogs were confined to their enclosure on their owner’s property where they were kept under surveillance by the Local Police.

They were later taken to a local vet and finally to an animal shelter where they were put down in January.


  1. So sad. A man died because the law was not followed. This exact situation is unfolding again but this time three children live in the neighbourhood. Neighbours have pleaded with the owners to fix the fence. But they just ignore everyone.

    Same type of people. No insurance. No licenses. And allow the dogs to run free in the campo.


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