Brazilian drug ring broken up in Spain

National Police
Some of the clothes impregnated with cocaine

AFTER a woman who had flown in from Sao Paolo (Brazil) was stopped at Madrid Barajas Airport with clothes impregnated with cocaine, an investigation ensued.

Working together, officers of the National Police and Spanish Tax Agency discovered that the clothes contained six kilos of dissolved cocaine and that there was a laboratory in a suburb of Madrid set up to extract the drug.

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After making two arrests, those in charge of the operation decided to see whether there would be further shipments and arrested another man, who turned out to be the leader of the operation who had collected another suitcase of clothes containing cocaine.

As the net widened and acting on information received, officers undertook searches and further arrests in Madrid, Barcelona, Gijon and Pontevedra took place, increasing the total to 12.

The drugs laboratory was closed down, a further three kilos of cocaine were found together with a hydroponics greenhouse containing 400 marihuana plants and 14.5 kilos of buds. 


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