Named and shamed British driver faces murder bid charge

Marbella se Queja/Facebook
Marcus Stewart being marched by an armed Guardia Civil officer


LIAM ANTHONY O’NEILL has paid his €25,000 bail according to authorities.

It was paid this morning (June 1), Marcus Stewart on the other hand has been denied bail remains in prison.

TWO Britons who mowed down three people and ploughed into traffic in Marbella while high on alcohol and drugs have been named as a police probe goes on.

Liam Anthony O’Neill and Marcus Eric Stewart, both 27, were expected to appear before a judge yesterday (Wednesday) after remaining in custody since the weekend drama unfolded.

Specific charges for either men are not yet expected given ongoing police investigations into whether the pedestrians were deliberately targeted.

In total ten people, including the driver, were injured in Sunday´s incident, two seriously.

The men, who tested positive for alcohol, cocaine and cannabis, are accused of attempted murder and fleeing the scene before colliding with a number of other vehicles.

Footage has emerged featuring Stewart being marched along by an armed police officer, while another shows him lying on the road near the crash scene having been told to “shut up” after protesting “I didn’t do anything.”

Stewart being marched by an armed Guardia Civil officer

Both have UK police records and one is a Marbella resident. However, it remains unclear who was driving the British-plated black Audi Q7 which was written off in the incident.

Investigators say that the Audi had been issued a parking ticket while on a pavement outside the Ocean Club in Puerto Banus, where the men had joined thousands of revellers at the celebrity haunt’s lavish Champagne Party, during which more than 6,000 bottles are sprayed.

The vehicle was then parked in an underground park from which it later emerged before leading police on a chase having slammed into pedestrians.

Contrary to some media reports, a 12-day-old baby was not hurt, although his mother suffered a broken back and fractured hip and the family’s dog was killed in a head-on smash with the Audi.

An official for Ocean Club said on Monday: “We would like to express our deepest refusal and disapproval to the unjustified behaviour of the driver that injured several people with his vehicle yesterday evening. Our thoughts and heart go out with those wounded and their families. Paying respect to those injured, we have cancelled the champagne party that was initially scheduled for next Sunday.”

Steward lying on the floor



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