British couple arrested in Cartama for selling their daughters as sex slaves

Guardia Civil

A TWISTED British couple who sold their daughters as sex slaves to a paedophile friend were captured on the Costa del Sol.

The perverted pair have been on the run from Guardia Civil for months after fleeing Mallorca when they were convicted for sexual abuse of children.

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Police found them living in a ramshackle shed in Cartama. Investigators believe the man, 54 and his wife, 59, had squatted in the filthy shed since their 2016 conviction.

Their crimes stretch back to 2009 when they lived on Mallorca. A court found that the British nationals, identified only by their initials, TLD and BSD, regularly pimped out their underage daughters to a sick accomplice in exchange for money.

They fled the island to avoid lengthy prison sentences. Fearing they could be anywhere, Balearic Island police issued a European Arrest Warrant and launched a massive manhunt for the evil couple.

Guardia Civil agents from Mallorca worked with their Costa del Sol counterparts to track them down to Cartama. Both are now in custody and awaiting sentencing. 


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