Neo Nazi food bank banned from Murcia

The banned ‘Lo Nuestro’ group distributed food to ‘Spanish only’ families.

A XENOPHOBIC Neo Nazi group who regularly distribute free food to ‘Spanish only’ families from a stall in Murcia City will not be able to continue operating in future.

An emergency motion put forward by members of the PSOE in the city was approved and passed to prevent the ‘Lo Nuestro’ group setting up their usual stall in Plaza Santa Domingo on Saturday.

‘Lo Nuestro’ only hand out food to people who can prove they were born in Spain, thus excluding any under privileged family from outside the country, of which there are many in the city.

The group announced their intentions to set up their regular table last Saturday between 12-2pm, providing food to “every Spaniard who proves his situation of need will be able to benefit from this help. We demand the DNI, the coexistence certificate and the unemployment card.”

The socialist emergency motion, approved by all groups (PP, PSOE, Cambiamos Murcia, Now Murcia and Citizens) resulted in the Local Police of Murcia preventing Lo Nuestro from installing its table of bags chickpeas, rice and other foods only for Spaniards in the aforementioned square.

The statement from the political groups read: “”We do not authorize the use of the public space of our municipality to groups that promote hatred and xenophobia. If permits already exist, they will be revoked immediately. When such acts take place in our municipality despite the lack of authorization, the necessary measures will be taken to withdraw the occupation of the public highway immediately. “

The statement expresses the view that although the Lo Nuestro group appear to be doing charitable work, they are linked to extreme right wing groups and the fact they only distribute food to Spanish families confirms their intentions of xenophobia and exclusion.

“They will no longer be able to promote their hate filled table, but we know that we should not lower our guard and we will continue working in the same line encouraging more people and organisations to join in this common goal. Zero tolerance of crimes of hatred. They will not distribute more hatred!!”


  1. I have no problem with Spaniards looking after Spaniards. There are plenty of support organisations for other groups; the Jews have organisations such as Jewish Care, Tzedek and World Jewish Relief who “combat poverty & disadvantage to the Jewish community”. Gypsies also have several organisations offering help and support for Travellers, including Spain. I wonder why this group is singled out? Europeans are becoming a persecuted group, unable to look after each other. Do we have to wait 30 years to become a minority before we are afforded the same privileges as others groups?

  2. The reason for the ban is because the food drive is done in a public place which is, legally, intended to cater to all subjects who have open and free access to it. The Jewish and other groups who only serve people in their community do so from the private establishments owned and operated by people from those minority groups for the sole purpose of serving visitors who identify with their religion or race. If a Spaniards-only charity were established, which required members to be Catholic or ethically similar to each other, it is unlikely law enforcement would intervene. After all, the police official was quite clear that permits would be revoked if they existed – who needs a permit to run a food bank in a private dwelling or commercial building?

  3. @ William,

    If you think things will get better for Europeans when they become minorities in their homelands, you’re in for a shock. Ancient Egyptian and Phoenician DNA shows closer resemblance to modern Europeans than those countries’ current inhabitants


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