UPDATE: Ten injured after drunk British driver hits pedestrians and cars in Marbella horror incident

Lions Ground/Youtube
The Audi driven by the drunk driver, moments after crashing.

TWO British men aged 20 and 30 remain in police custody after a driver mowed down several people and ploughed into traffic in Marbella, leaving ten wounded with two seriously injured.

Video footage captured the dramatic moment, with screaming holidaymakers sprinting to avoid the vehicle.

The mayhem unfolded just after 9pm on avenida Lola Flores near Puerto Banus, with the latest reports suggesting that the unnamed driver became involved in a fight while partying at a nearby nightclub.


He left the venue alongside five friends and was clearly drunk according to witnesses, who described how the fight continued outside.

The group then climbed into a black Audi Q7 which proceeded to speed up and down a pedestrianised area where their rivals were standing, injuring three of them.

At one point a passenger appeared to get out of the vehicle before stumbling away.

Warning, this footage contains images some may find distressing.

Viewer discretion is advised. This is the same square but from a different angle. Contains scenes some may find distressing.

The driver then sped towards the A-7 motorway having attempted to ram an unmarked Guardia Civil car which proceeded to give chase.

Having hit the famous Golden Mile he proceeded in the direction of Marbella before performing a u-turn near the Coral Beach hotel and driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic.

After slamming into four cars he crossed back onto the other side of the road before colliding with two others, being rammed by police and crashing into a fence.

At least two children and the mother of a 12-day-old baby are among those hurt, while the driver himself was taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital.

One of the wounded has a fractured femur and another has a suspected broken pelvis, while a third arrived to hospital unconscious and his status remains unconfirmed.

City Mayor Jose Bernal and Public Safety delegate Javier Porcuna were at the scene last night, while the resultant chaos saw access to Marbella from Coral Beach cut off with traffic diverted onto the A-7.

The two men arrested tested positive for drugs and alcohol, with one having taken cocaine and the other high on marihuana.

Police say there is no suspicion that the incident was planned or linked to terrorism.

Shocking footage of the moment the Audi collides with traffic.

Footage of the aftermath


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