Taxi drivers protest against Uber and Cabify in Barcelona


TAXI drivers in Barcelona will be going on strike to protest against transportation network companies Uber and Cabify tomorrow (May 30).

Some 3,000 drivers will be driving to Madrid to demonstrate against the car sharing apps, claiming they provide unfair competition due to legislations for taxis.

The rest of Barcelona’s taxi service will only operate for people with reduced mobility, emergencies and certain hospital trips.


Elite Taxi Barcelona spokesperson Alberto Alvarez said tomorrow’s protest will be followed by two more on July 29 and 31, and hasn’t ruled out an indefinite strike.


  1. Thats fabulous news………more work for the fantastic UBER and CABIFY…….if the taxis were more competitive they would survive but instead they insist on robbing people…..more strikes for the bandito taxis = cheaper fares from these competitive UBER and CABIFY….excellent news….!!!!


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