Honda curse follows Fernando Alonso to Indianapolis

Fernando Alonso's Honda curse follows him to Indianapolis

FERNANDO ALONSO’S Indy 500 debut was cut short by an engine failure.

The Spaniard was racing strong and chasing sixth position when his Honda curse returned 179 of the 200 laps in, forcing him to retire from the race.

“I felt the noise and the engine friction so I backed off,” Said Alonso. “It’s a shame because I felt we deserved to finish and experience the last lap.


“Who knows where we could have finished”

Here is footage of the moment Alonso’s race was over.

Former Formula 1 driver Takuma Sato emerged victorious while Max Chilton of Britain came fourth, also a former F-1 driver.

The race could have ended in tragedy when Scott Dixon was involved in a heavy crash but fortunately was mostly unharmed.


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