‘Giant’ bear-huggers on the rampage in Magaluf as British holidaymakers targeted

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TWO African men described as “giants” by their British victims have been arrested in Magaluf, Mallorca.

They are suspected of committing a string of violent muggings using a technique police are calling the “bear hug,” which involves squeezing their targets so hard they are “nearly asphyxiated.”

As things stand at least three cases have been reported, but local media suggest that more will emerge.

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The gang is made up of three men from Senegal and Nigeria, of whom the biggest, described as being 6ft 6ins tall with “Herculean” arms, remains at large.

They have already spent several months behind bars after carrying out 26 similar attacks in Magaluf last summer, but were set free several weeks ago.

In the last few days, three British holidaymakers reported that they were assaulted by African “giants,” leading to the new arrests.

All three attacks were identical, with the thieves striking as booze-soaked revellers returned to their hotels after a night drinking on the Punta Ballena party strip.

After sneaking up on their victim from behind, one of the assailants holds them in a tight bear hug so they are unable to breathe while a second attacks with punches from the front.

The third is responsible for grabbing wallets, watches, mobile phones and any other valuables.


  1. Spain, like all European countries must wise up and start the deportation of immigrant criminals immediately. Spain owe it to the citizens and holiday makers. Spain relies on a lot of tourism and the tourists and Spanish citizens need priority protection because they pay the taxes and in this case didn’t commit any crimes, other than believing Spanish authorities would look out for them. Europe needs to take a hardline stance on criminal immigrant criminals. Theft, rapes, assaults and murders are becoming the normality. This isn’t the Europe i grew up in, this isn’t the Europe we want for our children.


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