Fashion model writes off vintage Ferrari after snorting cocaine in Ibiza

Elif Aksu/Instagram

AN AUSTRIAN model has been arrested in Ibiza after allegedly crashing a €450,000 vintage Ferrari while high on cocaine before attempting to flee on her boyfriend’s private jet.

Elif Aksu was detained at a private airport after reportedly careering into a lorry while behind the wheel of a Ferrari Dino said to be owned by her British squeeze.

The unnamed 44-year-old millionaire, described locally as being of Saudi origin but apparently carrying a British passport was allowed to fly out of the island.


But 25-year-old Aksu, who has worked for some of the world’s top fashion agencies, was handed a court order for driving under the influence without a licence before being released on bail.

The couple and a Saudi man believed to be an employee abandoned the car in the wake of the accident, but witnesses heard them discussing an aeroplane.

Police intercepted them as they were preparing for take-off, according to local reports.


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