Madrid murder mystery finally resolved by National Police

National Police
Officers digging for the evidence

THE mystery of the disappearance of an individual from Parla, Madrid in September 2015 has been solved by the National Police.

An original suspect in the case has now been arrested and will be charged with murder as officers of the National Police managed to piece together the evidence.

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They believe that the pair fell out over a drugs deal and the assailant shot him three times with a revolver before hiding his body in a chest freezer and then buried the body in the garden of his house.

Several months later, it is claimed that he dug up the body and placed it in a barrel containing a mixture of ammonia, caustic soda and an acid. Once the body dissolved, the liquid remains were spread across various dirt roads in the vicinity.

After arresting the alleged killer in Toledo, officers discovered cocaine and the revolver hidden in the property and after digging up the garden also found remains of the victims clothing, a bone and an axe.

Two others have been arrested as accomplices to the crime.


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