Guardia Civil discover there’s dough in flour

Guardia Civil
Taking a sample of the flour

TWO men have been arrested in Valladolid Province for the theft of 909 tonnes of wheat valued at €241,000.

The management of the grain company involved complained about the loss to Guardia Civil who after investigation discovered that the wheat had been removed over a period of days and sold for flour at a discounted price of €101,295.

One of the companies that had transported the wheat was identified and they in turn gave officers the name of the company to which it was delivered and from there, a further company which had acted as an intermediary in the sale was discovered.

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This company purchased the wheat for €78,000 from a former owner of the silo who had kept the keys to the property where the wheat was stored.

Whilst the two men have been charged with receiving stolen property, the person who had arranged for the theft has disappeared and officers are attempting to track him down.


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