New battle for Leo the Lion after brain scan results

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Leo the Lion

LAST week four-year-old cancer fighter Leo Bermejo from Almeria travelled to the UK’s Alder Hey hospital for an MRI scan following his recent return from 31 sessions of proton beam therapy in Oklahoma.

The oncologist and radiologist agree that the results show a suspicious mass within the same tumour cavity measuring about 1cm by 0.80cm.

There is also another strange area but the oncologist seems confident that this is just inflammation from the proton treatment.

Mum Karen reacted to the distressing news saying, “Our hearts are shattered into a million pieces.

“There is still a glimmer of hope… I know miracles are possible. “My beautiful boy couldn’t have gone through all of this for nothing… but we are fighting a beast.

“I can’t watch my boy fade away in front of my eyes… that’s so cruel.”

The medical team will discuss Leo’s case this week and another MRI will be done in a month to determine how fast this mass is growing.

Karen has contacted Alder Hey to tell them that if the tumour is progressing to grow that she would like another operation for Leo followed by oral chemo-therapy.

But she knows that if a lumbar puncture test shows positive for cancer cells that they will refuse to operate and it really is over.

But, to date, Leo’s lumbar puncture results have always been negative. She said, “The most important thing is that Leo is so happy, he is not in any pain, he would not suffer any more pain having another operation, he would not get more damaged, and he just wants to live like a normal little boy so he deserves to have that final chance at life.

“Everyone I have spoken to have commented how after each procedure or treatment Leo has just got stronger and stronger… I have to continue fighting for him and do whatever it takes.

“I wouldn’t cope. Never mind Sofia losing her best friend and brother.

“The oncologist told me that I have done so much more than some mums would have and given Leo the best chance… but it wasn’t good enough. He doesn’t deserve this.”

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