Hotels crack down on Brit fraudsters after losing €60 million

LAST RESORT: The hotel industry has had enough.

SPANISH hoteliers are on the warpath after British tourists milked them for more than €60 million last year.

Fraudulent insurance claims will now result in immediate prosecution, they say.

The threat comes after the number of sickness claims rose by 700 per cent in 2016, leading the Spanish hotel owner’s association, CEHAT, to announce a raft of “forceful measures.”

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After an urgent meeting with the British Association of Tour Operators and Agencies, ABTA, in Madrid, CEHAT Secretary General Ramon Estalella said:

“The situation has become worrying and we cannot wait for long-term measures proposed by tour operators.”

Among the measures to be implemented this year will be a ‘traceability’ scheme whereby guests will have their consumption of food and drink monitored.

This will allow them to assess whether details contained in the claims, which mostly relate to food poisoning and similar complaints, marry up with clients’ behaviour while in Spain.

British tourists will also be handed leaflets explaining that false insurance claims constitute a ‘felonious criminal offence’ in Spain, with guilty parties potentially facing jail sentences of six months to three years.

This relates to claims of more than €400, with those from the UK typically amounting to €5-6,000.

According to a CEHAT statement, the system is flawed because “according to the British officials themselves, it is cheaper to deal with the claims quickly rather than enter en expensive legal process.

“Tour operators also use a dominant market position to impose contracts under which hoteliers become responsible for all types of claims.”

It is estimated that 90 per cent of the claims received by tour operators in 2016 were false, with the scheme driven by specialised ‘claim farms’ which employ aggressive marketing strategies.


  1. The Brits abroad continue to shame us with their behaviour. I’ve watched news items about this problem and it is ONLY Brits who do it. It’s shameful and embarrassing

  2. Im not being funny but its a bit of a joke considering how much tourists and holiday makers are targeted by criminals and thiefs whilst on holiday … for the hotel or apartment you have rented to then say ‘ oh theres no cctv ‘ or ‘ you just gotta put a denuncia in and see what happens … tourists have there insurace for a reason .. usually those reasons are valid , just because a spanierd says iv not earn as much money this year as i did last year becaise of insurance claims is his own problem .. that may need solving before he can get back to his money grabbing ways … Gotta love the classy moments when isurance acts like kharma .. no crees paco ?!?

  3. Stop tourists being robbed blind while there out having a meal or something and maybe the problem shall be solved … spanish lol boo hoo i have earnt enough money this year … money grabbers the lot of em anyways


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