Gunfire gypsies caught in their underwear on Costa del Sol

Policia Nacional
SERIOUS: Weapons recovered from gypsy gang.

A GANG of gypsies fled into the countryside around Alhaurin de la Torre in their underwear after firing several shots at police officers hunting a fugitive.

Six people were eventually arrested after a 4am police search last weekend.

Armed officers recovered knives and guns from the gypsy clan, which had scattered across abandoned rural houses, using their superior knowledge of the terrain to elude authorities for hours.

Police had approached a finca estate at 9pm the previous evening searching for a wanted criminal.

In response they were greeted with gunfire, dodging bullets from a shotgun and a pistol before desperately calling for backup.

A huge manhunt eventually caught the fugitive and another five members of the clan, including one woman, who all now face charges of attempted murder of police officers.


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