People traffickers arrested in Belgium and Spain

Guardia Civil
Arrest of one of accused

IN an operation coordinated with the Belgian Police and Europol, the Guardia Civil have arrested six people traffickers.

Officers were contacted by the Belgian authorities and asked to check out a number of Spanish addresses where it appeared that a gang was supplying workers to Belgium and then treating them like slaves housing them in poor conditions and without pay.

As the Guardia Civil operation continued, they were able to identify six people in Valencia province who were Chilean, Moroccan and Spanish nationals and were allegedly tricking Spanish based workers of different nationalities to travel to Belgium, Germany and Holland.

All were promised good pay and working conditions but had to agree to part of their income being deducted in order to cover travel expenses and to pay for obtaining the job.

In the event, they were given inadequate housing and in most cases received no pay at all, forcing many to escape and return to Spain.

In addition to the six arrested in Spain charged with human trafficking, a further six arrests took place in Belgium with Spanish officers attending.


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