Man arrested six times in one week for assaulting police in Malaga


A MAN has been arrested six times in one week for assaulting police officers, and refusing to leave courtrooms.

The series of confrontations between the 27-year-old and authorities began on May 13 when police detained him for attempted murder.

During the arrest, the man grabbed a knife and injured an officer. Police also confiscated €350 from him.

In his first court appearance – where he was given a suspended sentence – he began to act aggressively and destroyed furniture, refusing to leave until he was given his €350 back.

After being arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, the Ivorian was back in court and was again handed a suspended sentence but was again re-arrested for refusing to leave the courtroom.

Once back in a holding cell, the man got into a fight with his cellmate and at this point authorities decided to transfer him to a psychiatric hospital.

He was discharged the following day, and was yet again, violent when police arrived to transfer him back to a holding cell.

The man’s final court appearance of the week ended in another suspended sentence, this time the man screamed “I will not leave without my money!”

After being arrested for the sixth time in one week, the man was reportedly heard saying “I carry knives to cut throats.”

The 27-year-old is also awaiting deportation but the process cannot be completed as there are no records of him in his home country, the Ivory Coast.


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