Teenager arrested for arson in Almeria

Guardia Civil
FIRE: Massive damage was caused by teenage arsonist

A TEENAGER was arrested by Guardia Civil agents and charged with starting a massive fire in an Adra warehouse.

The 15-year-old torched a Chinese bazaar on La Azucarera industrial estate completely destroying the building and forcing the evacuation of roughly 40 people.

It took firefighters hours and a great deal of manpower to extinguish the fierce blaze after they had moved customers and workers to safety.

Two youngsters were trapped and freed by firefighters, who searched the premises before tackling the flames. 

The arsonist is believed to have poured lighter fuel from disposable cans found in the warehouse on a mattress before setting it alight. The fire quickly grew out of control and is believed to have caused an estimated half million euros in damage. 

The teenager, whose motivations are unknown, has been reported to the juvenile prosecutor and faces serious charges of arson and property damage.

Fortunately there were no injuries, though one woman required urgent medical attention after suffering a panic attack.  


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