Guardia Civil bravery foils possible explosion at Murcia petrol station

Guardia Civil
Officers trying to stem the fire

QUICK action by nearby Guardia Civil officers may have stopped a major explosion at a petrol station on the A30 in Archena, Murcia.

The officers were undertaking checks on drivers for alcohol when they heard cries for help from a nearby petrol station and saw a car by a petrol pump on fire.

They rushed over, bringing fire extinguishers from their cars and attempted to extinguish the flames which were coming through the front radiator grill and from underneath the car.

It appeared that the flames were snuffed out after officers emptied two fire extinguishers on them but the flames appeared again and one of the officers bravely opened the bonnet so that they could attack the fire directly.

Eventually, using extinguishers from the petrol station as well, the fire was put out and the officers were able to move the partly destroyed car to a safer place.

Had the car been allowed to burn out completely and the fire has reached the petrol tank, there is every possibility that the petrol in the station’s tanks could have exploded.


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