Children suffering impact of bullying years later

STOP BULLYING: Call to prevent the long term effects.

YOUNGSTERS bullied in childhood are more likely to binge drink and take drugs when they become teenagers.

That’s according to a study which looked at the impact of those who were bullied at the age of 10.

The American study looked at the data of more than 4,000 students from 2004-2011 and found that those who had been bullied by their peers were more likely to suffer from symptoms of depression during the ages of 12 to 13, and a had a greater likelihood of abusing alcohol, tobacco or marihuana when they reached 15 or 16.


Meanwhile a second study reports that it is not only the victims who suffer. Researchers found that men who were school bullies were more likely to experience stress and be aggressive some 20 years after leaving school.

It comes as experts call for more intervention to stop bullying and prevent the long term effects of bullying.



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