Ryan Giggs in Mallorca melee

World News Today/Youtube

FORMER Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs was involved in a minor ruckus on Mallorca. The 43-year-old Welsh wizard, who spent 24 seasons playing for the club, was spotted at an unidentified seaside bar while enjoying a lad’s holiday on the island.

Pictures published by UK tabloid newspapers, however, suggest that he and his entourage weren’t entirely welcome. Giggs is seen interrupting a flirty conversation with a brunette to pull back his friends, who were on the verge of brawling with some local men.

The brouhaha ended peacefully and Giggs was later spotted taking a relaxed stroll along the beach. Giggs is today the co-owner of Salford City and enjoying semi-retirement from the football front lines after leaving the Red Devils in 2014.



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