British press claim Spanish premier has been blackmailed

La Moncloa flickr
Mariano Rajoy Spanish Prime Minister

THERE may be a major inquisition in the Spanish Parliament on Wednesday as Mariano Rajoy is likely to be questioned about alleged blackmail.

There are reports in sections of the British press which state that he was being blackmailed over a recording which stated that he and former minister Eduardo Zaplana arranged a payment to a Spanish business man to keep quiet about the alleged corruption of one of his supporters.

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Whilst Mr Rajoy has so far remained silent over the allegations, a spokesman for ruling party PP has made it clear that the allegations are not true, that the prime minister has not been blackmailed and it is simply one person’s word against another.

In one report however, there is a suggestion that the tape was offered for sale to the Venezuelan government which is said to be a supporter of the Podemos political party led by Pablo Iglesias so perhaps he will be in a position to direct searching questions to Mr Rajoy when next they meet.


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