Horsemeat to become staple Spanish food, study claims


HORSEMEAT is close to becoming part of the Spanish diet according to a report.

The study found that horses bred in certain conditions might lead to higher levels of omega-3.

Although horsemeat is seen as taboo in many countries, Italy, China and Iceland consider it a delicacy.

One of the report authors, Dr Noelia Aldai, said: “I Don’t think we are far away from Spanish people accepting its consumption.

“The advantage is to have an alternative protein source, extensively produced, rich in omega-3 and with low GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions.

The idea is not to substitute beef, as it would be impossible, but to provide a healthy alternative.”

Dr Aldai added that she understood that in many countries horses are considered as pets, but “what is the difference between eating foal or a calf?”


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