Brits arrested for attacking police officers at Malaga airport


A BRITISH man has been arrested at Malaga airport for hospitalising two National Police officers after accusing them of racism.

His friend was also detained after verbally abusing the injured men and recording the incident on his mobile phone.

The pair, both 41, were queuing to have their passports checked before boarding a UK-bound flight, but on reaching the desk one of the men was unable to find his documents.


Two police officers then asked the men, who were accompanied by a woman and four children, to step aside while they searched so that other people could pass.

According to witnesses one refused to move, allegedly calling the officers “racist” and “f…… cops” before passing through border control and continuing his verbal tirade from the other side.

As one of the lawmen moved towards the irate holidaymaker, he bumped into one of the children, further inflaming the situation.

The other officer was by now arguing with the man’s friend, who was recording with his phone while refusing to hand it over.

Tensions came to a head when the shouting man was threatened with arrest, leading him to punch the first officer in the face.

As he fell, the policeman grabbed his attacker’s legs and began to grapple with him, his colleague receiving a powerful kick in the head as he tried to help.

They eventually handcuffed their aggressor and both men were taken away before being released on charges having missed their flight.

The two policemen were sent to hospital for treatment to their injuries, which included a badly cut ear and black eye.



  1. Hi Jamie, there don’t appear to have been any updates over the weekend, but the story did appear in some Spanish press, including the Sur and Mediterraneo Digital.


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