Dangerous robber arrested in Avila manhunt

Guardia Civil
The recovered shotgun

A DANGEROUS criminal who threatened two officers of the Guardia Civil with a sawn off shotgun has been arrested after a manhunt.

Investigators were aware of a number of robberies in the areas of Avila and Salamanca but became particularly anxious when a break-in took place in Cabezas del Villar where a shotgun and a number of cartridges were stolen.

The name of a 48-year-old male from Malpartida in Salamanca came to the attention of the Guardia Civil who was known for burglary and had served two terms of imprisonment for homicide.


When officers went to tackle him in the town of San Miguel de Serrezuela, he produced the shotgun which was hidden under his coat as he had sawn off the barrels and made his escape to a local mountainous region

Worried about the possible danger to local residents and the potential for injury, a large number of officers together with a rapid response unit, dog section and helicopter took part in an organised search for him and after six hours he was discovered and arrested.

Some-time later, the shotgun which he had discarded was discovered in a marsh and he has been charged with six counts of burglary, illegal possession of a firearm and threatening officers. 


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