Spain top of the rankings for most high-quality beaches

Trenet project chugging along Credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN has been awarded 684 ‘blue flags’ in 2017 making it the country with the most high-quality beaches in the world.

The annual award is given to coastal areas which have significant environmental initiatives in place, high quality bathing water and good facilities.

Spain remained on top for the 30th consecutive year despite having six less flags awarded for its beaches compared to 2016.

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Of the 684 flags given, 579 have gone to beaches, 100 to marinas and five to tourist ships.

The Comunidad Valencia received the most awards in Spain with 129, followed by Galicia (113), Cataluña (95) and Andalucia (90).


  1. We are very happy to read the great news about having the clearest beaches in the Comunidad Valenciana BUT do you know that in this Comunidad people burn in the open air like their ancesters did when hardly anyone was living on this coast! Some days the air is unbreathable in some areas especialy when they burn plastic and other things mixed in the green waste! It’s even worse when they burn during themperature inversion and the smoke cannot escape because of low clouds of hunidity!
    Why don’t they recycle, make compost etc… it would create jobs, give us cleaner air, respect our planet and our health.
    Maybe the name Costa BLANCA comes from WHITE smoke??!!
    Thank you for making people aware of this problem because they need the tourists, the expats for their economy so why don’t we send letters to the Medio Ambiente of the Comunidad Valenciana asking them to prohibit these fires like they already have in other Comunidades and recommended by the GObierno de España and the European Common Market.

  2. The beaches I normally go to west of Malaga should get a big brown flag – judging by the amount of raw sewage you see floating around.


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