One dead and six injured after bouncy castle ‘explosion’ in Catalonia

Gerard Vila
Police at the scene

A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl has died and two children remain in critical condition after a bouncy castle ‘exploded’ at a restaurant in Caldes de Malavella, Girona.

Four others suffered minor injuries after the inflatable shot into the air, rising above the roof of the restaurant and coming to rest some 40 metres away, with the victims thrown 10-20 metres before hitting the ground.

The young girl was airlifted to the Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona but died of her injuries during the night, while a nine-year-old boy was transferred to the Parc Tauli hospital in Sabadell by helicopter and admitted to intensive care.

A seven-year-old girl with serious injuries was rushed to the Josep Trueta hospital in Girona alongside the other four, aged three to 11, who were using the castle at the time but emerged relatively unharmed.

Investigators are working to determine if the accident occurred due to an explosion or because the structure was not properly secured, as witnesses confirmed that there was no wind at the time.

President of the Catalan Council, Carles Puigdemont, tweeted his support as he wrote: “My condolences to the family for this tragedy. All my solidarity and affection in these painful hours. Rest in peace.”


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