British artist Banksy reveals his view on Brexit

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Chipping away at Europe

IT is often difficult to attribute a painting by an anonymous artist, but it appears that a new piece on Brexit is by Banksy.

The artwork has appeared on the side of a building in Dover, near to the ferry terminal and opposite Calais, until recently the home of ‘refugees’ anxious to get to the UK for a new life.

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This enormous mural shows a worker on top of a ladder chipping away one of the stars on the European Union flag.

Following the recent opening of his ‘Walled Off Hotel’ in Bethlehem and other murals, Banksy, whose real identity is known by just a few people, is one of Britain’s most prolific and popular living artists.



  1. A worker chipping away one of the stars that signify European unity. Leaving long spidery cracks in the EU flag.
    Nice. For many reasons the ‘workers’ voted for Brexit in large numbers and the cracks in EU unity are the result.

  2. A mural that size could hardly have been done in secret since it would have needed scaffolding which is what that “worker” should be using. Health and safety would have a lot to say about that.


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